Argan + Rose Oil Beauty Serum

"I'm obsessed with the Rumi Rose.  Not only is the smell devine, but its perfect for my skin which is partly oily/partly dry.  I use it morning and night.  It soaks into my skin at night beautifully and its not too oily to use in the morning before I put my make up on.  I use it on my face and neck primarily, but also on my hands.  I will definitely be a repeat customer."
Tammie B.

"I bought mine yesterday and used it on my face, lips and around my fingernails (gets super dry in the cold weather). Feels and smells great!"

Deborah M.

"Poetry in a bottle"
Matin Maulawizada, celebrity makeup artist

"I've been using Rumi Rose this past week as my morning and evening regime.  The minute I opened the bottle, the fragrance had me. I have woken up to the most softest skin that I haven't felt in a long time especially during cold weather.  The other day I got out of the shower and my face was feeling so soft."
Sarah N.

"I love the beauty serum! I love how easily it goes on, and how smooth it blends in.  And, the fragrance is amazing. I used it on my face and on my cuticles. It is very soothing and made my skin look great. Thank you so much for recommending it!"
Susan C.

"I've been using this oil for weeks now, and shocked at how well it's keeping my eczema under control. It has made my life easier. I can even use it on my hair."
Sameera D.

"I've been using the argan + rose oil morning and night and it is wonderful!  Less redness and overall softer skin.  I will be buying more.  I love it that much!  Thank you for offering such a beautiful product, excellent quality at a fair price."
Karen D.

"I started using this two weeks ago almost everyday before my primer to prep my skin.  My skin feels so moisturized and it evened out my redness.  I love this product so much, it is a critical part of my every day routine and I've already recommened it to many of my friends + followers!"
Katie B, makeup artist

"I LOVE the smell of the Rumi Rose. I started to use it on my hands, too to see if it helps with eczema"
Sarah W.

"Love using this and it doesn't bother my sensitive skin"
Malia D., makeup artist + influencer

"The argan/rose oil is amazing! It completely reduces my puffiness and redness in my face.  I will definitely be making this a staple in my skin care routine.  Thank you!"
Alex A.