Ancient Olive Soap

Ancient Olive Soap


Ancient Olive Soap Ancient Olive Classic Bar Soap with 12% Laurel comes in a classic rectangular shape. Artisan made in Tunisia by master soapmakers from Aleppo using ancient recipes and 100% pure olive and bay laurel oil. Chemical free, 100% natural vegetal ingredients sooth and nourish the most sensitive skin. 

  • Ideal for Everyday Use
  • Recommended for Sensitive or Problem Skin

Ancient Olive Soap
Ancient Olive soap is perhaps the oldest and purest soap in the world, made of 100% olive oil and laurel oil. It is the original natural soap. It is renowned for its skin-nourishing, wrinkle-fighting vitamins A and E from olive oil and its natural antiseptic and antibacterial properties from laurel.

The Story of Ancient Olive Soap
Ancient Olive Soap begins in the olive groves; then they harvest the laurel berries. The olives and laurel berries are then pressed to oils by local villagers and sold to the soap factories.The oils are blended and cooked for several days, then checked for texture and flavor. The soap mixture is poured onto the floor to an even thickness.

After several days it is firm enough to be cut. The bars are cut by pulling cutting blades across the soap as it has been done for centuries.