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Rumi Rose also helps to connect products to an international audience and new markets, so that artisans can sustain their personal and communal livelihoods. Proceeds from sales support women in Afghanistan:

who was RUMI?

Rumi was born as Mohammed Jalaluddin Balkhi, on September 30, 1207 C. E. in Balkh Province, Afghanistan. He descended from a long line of jurists, theologians, and mystics, including his father, who was known by followers of Rumi as “Sultan of the Scholars.” When Rumi was still a young man, his father led their family more than 2,000 miles west to avoid the invasion of Genghis Khan’s armies. The family travelled to Baghdad, to Mecca on pilgrimage, and to Damascus and eventually settled in Konya in what is now western Turkey.  This part of the world was then known to its inhabitants as Rum, a name derived from the Byzantine Roman Empire that had formerly held it. Jalaluddin's name in religion and literature - Rumi - is itself derived from Rum.

Rumi became a celebrated Islamic scholar at a young age and was admired for his learning. However, his life changed when he met the wandering mystic Sham al – Din in 1244. This meeting had a profound impact on Rumi, he felt Sham to be a divinely inspired person and he took him to be his Guru. Under the guidance of Shams, Rumi became interested of the way of the Sufi. Rumi is today thought of being a mystic and poet and is closely identified with Sufism within Islam, where devotees seek a direct union with God.

Through his poetry, Rumi expressed his philosophy which included tolerance of all religious beliefs, the importance of goodness and charity, and above all, he advocated the importance of love. Rumi passed away on December 17th, 1273 in Konya, Turkey; his body was interred beside that of his father. Today, Rumi is loved around the world and is the best selling poet in the United States.

Rumi's belief in the "one-ness of cultures", love, respect, unity is the inspiration behind our company.