Argan + Rose Oil Beauty Serum

Argan + Rose Oil Beauty Serum


This beauty serum is amazing for skin and hair. Moroccan argan “liquid gold” oil is 100% cold pressed, organic, pure, natural, undiluted and infused with pure rose essential oil. Ideal for ALL SKIN TYPES + HAIR and rich in vitiman E + essential fatty acids. Benefits:


- moisturize + replenish dry skin

- anti-aging: reduces fine line/wrinkles - balances sebum; treats acne/breakouts -helps dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema - reduce age blemishes + stretch marks - helps heal skin + treats scars -softens cuticles + strengthens brittle nails -moisturizes cracked + dry lips


- boosts hair vitality - restores shine - repairs split ends

- tames frizz - heat protectant

(1 oz.)