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Blue-Pink Ikat Cotton Tunic

Blue-Pink Ikat Cotton Tunic

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This cotton ikat tunic/caftan is hand-dyed and handmade by talented artisans in Uzbekistan. The name ikat is of Indonesian origin and means 'to tie or bind'.  In Uzbekistan, the local name for ikat comes from the Farsi word 'abr', which means 'cloud', as the patterns on the fabrics often resemble clouds floating in the sky. Ikat is a resist-dye weaving process, where bundles of unwoven threads always re bound tightly and intricately in certain places to prevent the dye from adhering to those areas, and hand-dyed, often by ikat masters. The dyed threads are then threaded onto the loom to be woven into colorful and unique ikat fabrics.  

Matching face mask

Size and fit
One size 
Side pockets
Assymetrical hemline (shorter in front, longer in back)

Note: the hemline has frayed hemline as part of design.

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