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Argan + Green Tea Beauty Serum

Argan + Green Tea Beauty Serum

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Argan is 100% organic, natural, undiluted, cold-pressed.  Argan oil is extracted from the kernels of the nuts of the argan tree and often referred to as "liquid gold".  Ideal for ALL SKIN TYPES and rich in vitamin E + essential fatty acids.  Green tea refreshing scent.

30 ml/1.00 fl oz 

100% Natural & Organic. Made in Morocco

Ingredients: argania spinosa kernel oil, green camellia sinesis

· reduces fine line/wrinkles
· balances sebum
· treats acne/breakouts
· reduce age blemishes + stretch marks
· helps heal skin + treats scars

· Skin moisturizer
· Hair moisturizer
· Lip moisturizer
· Cuticles moisturizer
· Makeup primer
· Massage
· Acne
· Anti-aging
· Eczema
· Psoriasis

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