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Rose Water

Rose Water

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Harness the power of rose petals as a natural pH toner and calming aroma with our 100% natural, undiluted and organic Rose Water Spray made in Morocco. May be used as a skin toner, makeup setting spray, makeup remover, or hair treatment. 

Skin Treatment: Apply as a natural mist for calming after cleansing or on irritated skin. Maintain your skin’s pH balance. Anti-bacterial properties help heal skin, dermatitis, calms acne, eczema, razor burns, sunburns  

Setting Spray: spritz over face after makeup application to give skin dewy glow and to minimize cakiness  

Makeup Remover: mix with Rumi Rose Argan + Rose Oil Beauty Serum on a cotton pad for a gentle + non irritating  makeup remover  

Eye Treatment: place a cotton pad soaked in rosewater on closed eyes to cool tired eyes, relieve redness and hydrate the eye area  

Hair Treatment: spray on clean, damp hair and comb through for healthy scalp and hair  

3.38 fl oz.

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