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White/Silver Tassel Hand Crocheted Bath Mitt - Bibi Aisha Leef/Keesah

White/Silver Tassel Hand Crocheted Bath Mitt - Bibi Aisha Leef/Keesah

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Part of our hamam beauty + bath collection: this hand crocheted bath mitt - keesah - leef is made by Afghan women entrepreneurs in Kabul and helps to gently exfoliate your body or face. 

Color: White with Silver Tassel

Purchase of this item supports a woman's entrepreneurship program in Kabul through "Beauty for Good Project".  In partnership with Nooristan Foundation's 'Empower an Entrepreneur' initiative, the program provides skills training for women in Kabul.  These women are either in the age range of 17-22 and were not allowed to pursue further education due to family restrictions or 30-55 who are widows or married to disabled men and must provide for their families.  In addition to learning sewing skills, the women receive basic literacy and numeracy training. 

The women work together in a cooperative to produce various products to take to local markets. They are given training on production, quality control and marketing.  After successful completion of the program, the women are given certificates. If they choose to become an entrepreneur, the program will provide her with a sewing machine and a gift of $250 USD to buy supplies and materials to get started.

Approx. measurements: 6 in x 8 in

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